Lider in the production
of soles TR PU TPU


One of the most important elements enabling high-quality production are tests carried out by the MSU laboratory.

The laboratory performs physic-mechanical and chemical tests. The physic-mechanical part involves test of flexural strength at negative and positive temperatures, test for tearing, relative elongation, abrasion resistance by Schopper-Schlobach method, hardness and density.

Test are carried out both on finished products in the form of soles, and the basic raw materials, i.e. thermoplastic rubber and polyurethane. To avoid problems with the sole strength, each new model is tested in detail at the production implementation stage. The chemical part of tests comprises the position for polyurethane foam testing and an apparatus for measuring water content by coulometry. These tests are essential since the commencement of in-house production of polyurethane raw materials. It is in the laboratory where new types of polyurethane raw materials are created and detailed technical parameters of each model are set.