Lider in the production
of soles TR PU TPU


MSU S.A is a manufacturer of shoe soles made of thermoplastic rubbers (TR), thermoplastic polyurethanes (TR), polyurethanes (PU) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC).
We produce PU soles from polyester and polyether systems.
We have the technical capability of producing polyurethane raw materials in-house, which greatly increases the flexibility of our offer.
We offer the following types of soles made of polyurethane (PU):

single-thick soles


double-thick soles

soles with non-skid pad

wood-imitating soles

Fusbets – a mixture of PU and natural cork

In April 2015, the Company purchased a modern carousel filler, which allows us to manufacture double-thick soles. The lower layer of the sole may be made of the following materials:
- solid PU having excellent strength properties (resistance to repeated bending at -15 °C is 800,000 bends);
- vulcanized rubber or TPU. This enables the production of soles with very high performance with the possibility of using them in e.g. work, military and trekking shoes.
Thermoplastic rubbers (TR), thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPU)
We process dozens of types of rubber blends with different hardness, abrasive wear, and appearance of the mapped surface.
We specialise in the production of:
TR soles, one-colour TPU and two-colour TR soles


one-colour TR soles and two-colour soles with inserted rims


one-colour TR soles and two-colour soles with inserts made of various materials

TR soles combined with ABS heels